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“Excelsior Brigade”

The monument to the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 3rd Corps is south of Gettysburg on Sickles Avenue. (Emmitsburg Road & Sickles Avenue tour map)

3rd Corps Headquarters Flag Attached to the 2nd Division, 3rd Corps, Army of the Potomac 3C-2D
Monument to the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 3rd Army Corps of the Army of the Potomac at Gettysburg

Monument to the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 3rd Army Corps at Gettysburg

Army of the Potomac
Third Corps Second Division 
Second Brigade 
Col. William R. Brewster

70th 71st 72d 73d 74th 120th New York Infantry

July 2. Arrived about 1 A. M. and bivouacked for the night. Near 1 P. M. formed in rear of First Brigade the 73d being advanced to the crest of the hill in front. The Brigade advanced between 2 and 3 P. M. the 71st and 72d to the left of First Brigade the 70th and 120th in reserve. Later the 73d was sent to the support of First Brigade First Division. Fiercely attacked toward sunset and the forces on the left having fallen back the Brigade retired and after sunset again advanced and captured the colors of the 8th Florida and thirty prisoners and recaptured guns that had been left on the field. Again retired and formed in rear of a Brigade of Second Corps and bivouacked for the night.

July 3. Moved further to the rear and was supplied with rations and ammunition. About 3 P. M. moved to support batteries in front.

Casualties Killed 12 Officers 120 Men Wounded 50 Officers 523 Men Captured or Missing 73 Men Total 778

Colonel William R. Brewster

Colonel William R. Brewster commanded the brigade at Gettysburg. Brewster was originally from Connecticut but was living in New York at the start of the war. He became major of the ninety day 28th New York State Militia, then colonel of the 73rd New York in Daniel Sickles’ Excelsior Brigade. The death of Hiram Berry and the court martial of Joseph Revere at Chancellorsville brought Brewster to command of the brigade as senior colonel. Brewster would continue to command the regiment or the brigade except for bouts of illness until the regiment mustered out in December of 1864.

Union Colonel William R. Brewster

Union Colonel William R. Brewster

Location of the monument

The monument is south of Gettysburg. It is on the east side of Sickles Avenue about 300 feet south of United States Avenue.