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Ayres Avenue runs one-way south from Wheatfield Road along the eastern edge of The Wheatfield. It was named after Brigadier General Romeyn B. Ayres, who commanded a division of the 5th Corps which fought here. Over 4,000 men were shot down in George Rose’s nineteen acre field on the afternoon of July 2nd in some of the most savage fighting in the Civil War. Ayres Avenue is part of the National Park Auto Tour.

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Tour map of Ayers Avenue at the Wheatfield on the Gettysburg battlefield

Monuments and markers

Union headquarters
2nd Corps, 1st Division, 1st Brigade

5th Corps, 3rd Division, 1st Brigade

Union regimental and battery monuments
27th Connecticut

61st New York
81st Pennsylvania
148th Pennsylvania
1st Pennsylvania Reserves
2nd Pennsylvania Reserves
11th Pennsylvania Reserves
New York Battery D