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The monument to the 147th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment is southeast of Gettysburg on the south side of Culp’s Hill along Geary Avenue. Two unique star-shaped markers show the regiment’s flanks. (39.81583° N, 77.220388° W; Tour map: South Culp’s Hill) It was dedicated by the State of Pennsylvania in 1885. The star theme of the monument and markers is from the symbol of the Union Twelfth Army Corps, which led General Geary’s 2nd Division to be known as the ‘White Star Division.’

Monument to the 147th Pennsylvania Infantry at Gettysburg

The main monument to the 147th Pennsylvania on Culp’s Hll

A similar star-shaped marker at the northern edge of Little Round Top at the corner of Sykes Avenue and Wheatfield Road (39.794561° N , 77.234346° W; Tour map: Little Round Top) shows the regiment’s location on the evening of July 1st.

A tablet on a large, boulder in the middle of Pardee Field on Culp’s Hill (39.815725° N, 77.219618° N) shows where the regiment attacked on the morning of July 3rd. (Google maps to all three monuments) 

The 147th Pennsylvania was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Lieutenant Colonel Ario Pardee. It brought eight companies to the field; Companies I and K had not been organized at the time of the battle.

12th Corps Headquarters flag 12th Corps, 2nd Division Headquarters flag

From the front of the main monument:

147th Pennsylvania Infantry
1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 12th corps,
July 3d 1863

From the back:

Mustered in Oct. 28th 1862.
Reenlisted Dec. 29th 1863.
Mustered out July 15th 1865
On the night of July 1st this regiment lay on the northern slope of Little Round Top holding the extreme left of the Union army.
At 6 am July 2d moved to Culp’s Hill, where it was held in reserve until evening, then marched toward the left with the Brigade  returning at about 3 a.m. July 3rd and occupied this position.

Present at Gettysburg
12 officers and 286 men.
Killed and mortally wounded
1 officer and 5 men.
Wounded 14 men.

Immediately behind and to the left of the main monument is a marker to Company G:

Co. G.
147th P.V.I.
12 A.C.
July 3, 1863

The Boulder at Pardee Field at Gettysburg

The Boulder at Pardee Field has a bronze tablet on its side honoring the 147th Pennsylvania

From the tablet on the Pardee Field boulder:

At 5 a.m. the one hundred and forty-seventh Penna. Volunteers (Lt. Col. Ario Pardee Jr.) was ordered to charge and carry the stone wall occupied by the enemy. This they did in handsome style, their firing causing heavy loss to the enemy who then abandoned the entire line of the stone wall. Report of Brig. General John W. Geary, commanding 2d Division 12th Corps.


From the front of the marker on Little Round Top, which shows the regiment’s position shortly after it arrived on the field late on July 1:

147 Regiment Infantry
Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers
Night of July 1

Rear view of the marker for the 147th Pennsylvania on Little Round Top

Rear view of the marker on Little Round Top

From the rear:

1st Brigade 2nd Division
12th Army Corps

Right flank marker for the 147th Pennsylvania at Pardee Field

Right flank marker for the 147th Pennsylvania at Pardee Field

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