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“Curtin Light Guards”

The monument to the 109th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment is southeast of Gettysburg along Slocum Avenue on Culp’s Hill. (39.81699° N, 77.21931° W; Google map; South Culp’s Hill tour map)

Monument to the 109th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment at Gettysburg

About the monument to the 109th Pennsylvania

The granite monument stands just under thirteen feet high. The main column of the monument rises from a rough-hewn base and is surrounded by an embattled wall ornamentation hung on three sides with a cartirdge box, canteen and knapsack. Its central segment has fluted columns on each corner and the star symbol of the 12th Corps on each side. The monument was dedicated on September 11,1889 by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

A monument following the same design honors the regiment on the battlefield of Wauhatchie, Georgia.

The 109th Pennsylvania at the Battle of Gettysburg

The 109th Pennsylvania was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Captain Frederick Gimber of Philadelphia.

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See Captain Gimber’s Official Report of the 109th Pennsylvania in the Gettysburg Campaign.
12th Corps Headquarters flag 12th Corps, 2nd Division Headquarters flag


Monument to the 109th Pennsylvania Infantry at GettysburgFrom the front of the monument:

109th Panna. Infantry.
2d Brigade, 2nd Division, 12th Corps
July 1. 2. 3. 1863

From the left side of the monument:

July 1st. The regiment arrived within two miles of Gettysburg about 5 p.m. and took position on the left of Baltimore Pike. July 2nd it moved here and built these works. In the evening it was withdrawn with the Brigade, and returning in the night, found the works in the possession of the enemy, when it formed at right angles to this line behind a ledge of rocks to the left and rear of this position designated on a marker. After severe fighting on the morning of the 3rd this line was recaptured and held until the close of the battle.

From the right side of the monument:

Went into action with 149 officers and men.
Killed 1 color sergeant and 2 men.
Wounded 1 color sergeant and 5 men.
Captured or missing 1 man.
Total 10.

Monument to the 109th Pennsylvania Infantry at Gettysburg

Rear view of the monument

From the rear of the monument:

Curtin Light Guards.
Recruited in Philadelphia.
Mustered in December 1861.
Re-enlisted January 1864.
Consolidated March 31st. 1865
with the 111th Pennsylvania Infantry
which was mustered out July 19th. 1865.

Detail from the monument to the 109th Pennsylvania Infantry at Gettysburg

Detail from the monument

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