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The monument to the 16th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment is south of Gettysburg on Emmitsburg Road, near its intersection with Sickles Avenue. (Emmitsburg Road tour map)

Monument to the 16th Massachusetts Infantry at Gettysburg

About the monument to the 16th Massachusetts

The granite monument is ten feet tall. A relief of the diamond symbol of the Third Corps is on each side of its top section. It stands at the position the regiment took on July 2nd before Longstreet’s attack. The monument was erected in 1885 and dedicated on July 1st, 1886 by the State of Massachusetts.

The 16th Massachusetts Infantry at Gettysburg

The 16th Massachusetts Infantry was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Lieutenant Colonel Waldo Merriam, a Boston merchant. He was wounded on July 2nd and Captain Matthew Donovan took command. The regiment brought 307 men to the field, losing 15 killed, 53 wounded and 13 missing.

The regiment reached the field around 1 a.m. on July 2 after a march from Emmitsburg that took it down the wrong road and almost into the Confederate positions. They spent much of the 2nd in line of battle at the site of the monument until Longstreet ‘s attack around 4 p.m. Hit in the front and flank by superior numbers, the 16th Massachusetts eventually fell back around 300 yards before they rallied. It was here that they lost almost all of their casualties at Gettysburg.

On the 3rd they were moved to a small woods behind the lines where they were issued their first food in 36 hours. They then moved to the support of a battery on Cemetery Ridge. The regiment was south of the artillery barrage and Pickett’s attack and lost only 1 officer wounded that day.

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3rd Corps Headquarters Flag 3C-2D

From the monument:

Sixteenth Massachusetts
1st Brigade 2nd Division 3rd Corps
Army of the Potomac
On this field July 2nd 1863 4 officers and 23 enlisted men were killed to whose memory this monument  is erected by the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

16th Mass. Vols.

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Location of the monument

The monument to the 16th Massachusetts is on the east side of Emmitsburg Road about 170 yards southwest of Sickles Avenue. (39°48’25.4″N 77°14’43.2″W)