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Emmitsburg Road north of the Peach Orchard was the scene of heavy fighting on July 2nd between Humphrey’s Union Division and the Confederate Divisions of McLaws and Anderson. Parking along busy Emmitsburg Road is not recommended, but Sickles Avenue (one way north) is a quieter and safer place to stop and explore the area.

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Tour map of Emmitsburg Road and Sickles Avenue on the Gettysburg battlefield

3rd Corps Artillery
 • 3rd Corps, 2nd Division • 3rd Corps, 1st Division, 1st Brigade • 3rd Corps, 2nd Division, 1st Brigade • 3rd Corps, 2nd Division, 2nd Brigade • Wilcox’s Brigade, Anderson’s Division, 3rd Corps

monuments to individuals
Andrew Humphreys • 
George Willard

regimental and battery monuments
11th Massachusetts
 • 16th Massachusetts • 12th New Hampshire • 5th New Jersey • 11th New Jersey • 120th New York • 57th Pennsylvania • 105th Pennsylvania • 114th Pennsylvania • 3rd United States Artillery, Batteries F&K • 4th United States Artillery, Battery K • Wisconsin Sharpshooters

battlefield farms
Klingle Farm
 • Sherfy Farm