The monument to Rigby’s Battery A, First Maryland Light Artillery is south of Gettysburg on Powers Hill. It was dedicated in 1888 by the State of Maryland.
Monument to Maryland Battery A at Gettysburg

There is a trail to the monument into the woods behind the 77th New York monument which can be seen from Granite Schoolhouse Road.

Battery A was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Captain James H. Rigby. It was part of 4th Volunteer Brigade of the Artillery Reserve, and brought six Ordnance Rifles to the field. It suffered no casualties at Gettysburg.

From the front of the monument:

Maryland’s Tribute to her loyal sons.

Rigby’s Maryland Battery A

From the right side:

Losses in action
killed 5 – wounded 18 – missing 3.
Total 26.
Strength at Gettysburg
Officers 4 – enlisted men 102.

Rear view of the monument to Maryland's Battery A at Gettysburg

Rear view of the monument.

From the rear:

Principal engagements:
Seven Days Battles Before
Richmond Va. 1862,
Crampton’s Gap Md. Sep. 4 1862
Antietam Md. Sep. 17, 1862
Fredericksburg Va. Dec. 13, 1862
2nd Fredericksburg May 3-4 1863
Gettysburg Pa. July 2-3, 1863.

Rigby’s Battery A
1st Maryland Light Artillery
Capt. James H. Rigby

Occupied this position on the morning of July 2nd, 1863 and remained in battery until the termination of the battle engaging a  battery of the enemy on the 2nd, and on  the morning of the 3rd shelling the woods  in front for nearly three hours assisting  in driving out the enemy.

From the left side:

Organized at Baltimore Md.
October 1861.
Consolidated with Battery B
Maryland Light Artillery
March 11, 1865.

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