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The monument to the 4th Volunteer Brigade, Artillery Reserve of the Army of the Potomac is south of Gettysburg on the east side of Hancock Avenue. (Monument map: Hancock Avenue Part 3)

Monument to the 4th Volunteer Brigade, Artillery Reserve, Army of the Potomac

From the monument:

Army of the Potomac 
Artillery Reserve
Fourth Volunteer Brigade
CaPart Robert H. Fitzhugh

6th Maine Battery F
Lieut. Edwin B. Dow
July 2 and 3. With First Volunteer Artillery Brigade near left of Second Corps line.

Maryland Battery A
Capt. James H. Rigby
July 2 and 3. Engaged on Powers Hill.

1st New Jersey Battery
Lieut. Augustin N. Parsons

July 3. Engaged on line of Second Division Second Corps.

1st New York Battery G
Capt. Nelson Ames
July 2. Engaged in Peach Orchard.
July 3. Engaged on left of Second Corps line.

1st New York Battery K (11th New York Attached)
Capt. Robert H. Fitzhugh
July 3. Engaged on Second Corps line.

Casualties Killed 2 Men Wounded 34 Men Total 36