The monument for Company K of the First Pennsylvania Reserves is on the south side of Lincoln Circle in the center of Gettysburg. The company was recruited in the Gettysburg area and fought south of town in the Wheatfield, where its main monument is located.

See the main monument page for the 1st Pennsylvania Reserves for more information about the regiment at Gettysburg.

Monument to Company K of the 1st Pennsylvania Reserves on the main square in Gettysburg

From the stone tablet on the front of the monument:

Company K
First Pennsylvania Reserves
(Thirteenth Regiment)
First (McCandless’) Brigade
Third (Crawford’s) Division
Fifth (Sykes’) Corps
Army of the Potomac

Mustered into Pennsylvania service June 8, 1861
Mustered into Federal service July 26, 1861
Mustered Out June 10, 1864

Side view of the monument to Company K of the 1st Pennsylvania Reserves

From the left side tablet

Recruited in Adams County, the men of Company K participated in eight battles: Mechanicsville, Gaines Mill, Glendale, South Mountain, Gettysburg, Wilderness, Spotsylvania,and Bethesda Church.

The casualties sustained were 17 who died in service and 23 who were wounded.

Side view of the monument to Company K of the 1st Pennsylvania Reserves

From the right side tablet

During the Battle of Gettysburg on July 2, 1863, the men of Company K, in the center of the First Reserves, helped to repulse the Confederate attempt to seize Little Round Top, possession of which was the key to victory in the battle.

From the bottom center tablet

This monument was erected in 1991 by the Adams County Company K Memorial Committee as a remembrance of the more than 2,000 Adams Countians who participated in the American Civil War, waged between 1861 and 1865 in a successful effort to preserve the Federal Union.

Roster of Company K, 1st Pennsylvania Reserves from the monument at Gettysburg

Roster of Company K

G Arendt Jacob W
Bailey Daniel D
*  Baily John F
G Baker Joseph H
G Beales Charles W
G Beamer Henry H
G Beard Obadiah M
Bingaman David
G Bingaman Samuel
G Blocher Andrew H
Brandon Isaac M
G Brandon John C
G Carson George C
G Cassatt Samuel J
Caufman Charles E
Caufman Henry W
G Chronister Amos T
G Cox George W
D G Creamer John T
G Culbertson James F
Danner Henry K
Devine Bernard
G Dixon Samuel
Dixon William
*  G Duey John J
G Durboraw Issac N
D G Elden Henry W C
Eyster Samuel H
Fanus Hiram J
Foutz Adam
Gardner Amos T
Gardner Richard P
G Gibbs George W
G Gilbert Charles E
*  Goutermuth Paul
G Hamilton Calvin
G Hamilton Joseph
G Harbaugh Calvin
G Harbaugh Peter
Hart Barnard
Hart Levi J
Henry Peter H
Herron James J
Hilderbrand John F
Hollinger Phillip
Hortkins Henry
Houck Philip L
G Jacobs Joh H K
G Jobe William T
G Johns David E
D G Keckler Samuel
D Keim Fredrick A.

Roster of Company K

G Kitzmiller George E
Lady Hiram
G Leech Elijah L
Mackley Jacob
G Mackley John F
G McGonigal James
G McGrew William
G McKinney John W
G McKinnney Robert T
McPherson Edward
G Megary William R
Metcalf Wooster B
G Miller Michael M
* Miller Peter
G Minnigh Henry N
G Monteer Henry R
G Mumper William
G Myers David M
D Myers George W
Myers John J
G Naylor Wilson E
*  Naylor Jeremiah
G Ogden John
Pensyl George W
Pierce James S
G Pittinger John F
Remmel David E H
Resser Jacob
Rhodes Andrew H
G Riggs Wiliam A
G Robinson Daniel W
G Rosensteel John H
Rouzer James M
* Sadler John D
Shaffer David
D Shank Jesse
Sheads Robert E
Sheets Samuel
*  G Shipley John W
Siplinger Mathias J
G Slagle Andrew A
Stewart David M
G Stewart William W
D G Stouffer Jacob
Swisher Charles E
Tawney Charles Z
Trimmer William
Weber Frank
*  Wisotzkey Craig F
G Woodring David H
Woods Alexander L C
G Young Samuel A

*   Killed in action
G  Present at Gettysburg
D  Died in Service