Monuments to Individuals at Gettysburg

The monument to Reverend Horatio Howell is in downtown Gettysburg at the foot of the steps of the Christ Lutheran Church on Chambersburg Street. (39.830824° N, 77.232592° W; Google map)

During the chaotic retreat through the town after the collapse of the Union lines on July 1st, Reverend Howell was killed while visiting wounded in the church, which had been turned into a hospital. According to the most likely story, Reverend Howell, wearing a Union officer’s uniform complete with sword, was ordered to surrender his weapon by a passing Confederate. Howell tried to explain that he was a noncombatant and did not need to give up his weapon but the Confederate, in the midst of an afternoon of intense fighting, was in no mood to argue.

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Monument to Reverend Horatio Howell at Gettysburg

From the monument:

In Memoriam.
Rev. Horatio S. Howell
Chaplain, 90th Penn’a Vols,
was cruelly shot dead on these
church steps on the afternoon of
July 1st 1863.

“He delivereth me from mine enemies;
Yea, thou lightest me up above those that
rise up against me.”
18th Psalms 48th verse.
“He being dead, yet speaketh”
Hebrews 11, 4th.

Our tribute
Survivors Association of the 90th Penn’a Vol’s
and personal friends of the lamented chaplain

Monument to Reverend Horatio Howell at Gettysburg