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The monument to the 5th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment is south of Gettysburg at the east end of Howe Avenue. (Howe & Wright Avenues tour map) It was erected by the State of Wisconsin on June 30th, 1888.

monument to the 5th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment

About the monument to the 5th Wisconsin Infantry

The granite monument stands 14′ 2″ tall and is similar in design to that of the 3rd Wisconsin. Most of the monument is rough hewn, with a section of polished finish just above the base whose front dislays the inscription. The large cross topping the monument is the symbol of the Union Sixth Army Corps. The monument was vandalized in 1913 but was repaired.

The 5th Wisconsin Infantry at Gettysburg

The 5th Wisconsin was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Colonel Thomas S. Allen. It brought 491 men to the field, suffering no casualties as it served in reserve positions in the army’s flank and rear.

6th Corps Headquarters Flag 6C-1D


From the front of the monument:

5th Wis. Vol.

Gettysburg July 2, 3, 4, 5.
3d Brig (Russels’)
1st. Div. 6th Corps.
War losses
174 killed, 548 wounded.
Col. Amasa Cobb 1861-2.
Col. T.S. Allen 1863-4-5.

monument to the 5th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment

From the rear:

This regiment moved from centre to this point early July 3rd to resist threatened attack on this flank. Moved hastily back in the afternoon  to assist in repelling attack on the  center and later took position on the crest of Big Round Top.

Monument to the 4th Wisconsin Infantry at Gettysburg

The monument in the 1990s. Compare the field in this photo with the trees and brush in the recent photo at top.

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Location of the monument

The monument to the 5th Wisconsin Infantry is south of Gettysburg on the north side of Howe Avenue about 0.15 mile east of Taneytown Road. (39°46’59.5″N 77°13’38.0″W)