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There are two monuments to the 121st Pennsylvania Volunteers on the Gettysburg battlefield.

Monument to the 121st Pennsylvania Infantry at Gettysburg

Monument to the 121st Pennsylvania on Hancock Avenue

A monument south of Gettysburg on Hancock Avenue (39.8109° N,77.23544° W; Tour map: Hancock Avenue Part 3) was erected by the survivors of the regiment in 1886. A monument west of Gettysburg on Reynolds Avenue (39.830439° N, 77.251625° W; Tour map: South Reynolds Avenue) was erected by the State of Pennsylvania in 1888. (Google maps to both monuments)

The 121st Pennsylvania was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Major Alexander Biddle while his cousin, Colonel Chapman Biddle, held temporary brigade command. Colonel Biddle resumed command of the regiment during the battle despite being slightly wounded on July 1.

The circle, the symbol of the Union First Army Corps, is worked into both monuments in several places.

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See Major Biddle’s Official Reports on the 121st Pennsylvania in the Gettysburg Campaign
1st Corps Headquarters Flag 1C-3D

From the font of the monument on Hancock Avenue:

Col. Chapman Biddle
Brigade Commander

July 1st 1863
P.V. 121 Reg’t

Maj. Alexander Biddle
Commanding Regiment

1st Brigade 3rd Division First Corps

From the left side:

Extreme left of Union line 1st Day facing west.
 Cemetery Ridge July 2nd and 3rd.
Erected by the survivors of this regiment in memory of their fallen comrades.

From the right side:

Whole number engaged
7 officers 258 enlisted men
Killed 12 enlisted men
Wounded 5 officers 101 enlisted men
Captured and missing 1 officer 60 enlisted men
Total 179.

From the rear:

Called into service by President Lincoln September 1st 1862; Participated in all  the engagements of the Army of the Potomac, commencing with the Battle of Fredericksburg. Mustered out June  2nd 1865.

Monument to the 121st Pennsylvania Infantry on Seminary Ridge at Gettysburg

From the monument on Reynolds Avenue:

121st Penna. Infantry
July 1st 1863
Occupied this position the extreme left of
the Union line. July 2nd & 3rd on Cemetery Ridge.

Present at Gettysburg 11 officers 286 men.
Killed and died of wounds 20 men
Wounded 5 officers 33 men
Captured and missing 1 officer 60 men

1st Brig. 3rd Div. 1s Corps

From the left side:

From Fredericksburg to Appomattox

From the right side:

Recruited in Philadelphia and Venango Counties.
Mustered in Sept. 1st 1861.
Mustered out June 2d 1865

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