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Hancock Avenue continues one-way north from Pleasonton Avenue to the Copse of Trees is the High Water Mark, Monuments are thick here, where Pickett’s Charge was halted in brutal hand-to-hand fighting.

This can be one of the most crowded areas of the park, particularly in the afternoons when tour busses cluster thickly and lines of cars listening to in-car tours try to find a place to stop out of the traffic flow.

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Tour map of Hancock Avenue Part 3 on the Gettysburg battlefield

2nd Corps, 2nd Division
 • 2nd Corps, 2nd Division, 1st Brigade • 2nd Corps, 2nd Division, 3rd Brigade • Wright’s Brigade, Anderson’s Division, 3rd Corps

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John Gibbon

state and national monuments
State of Vermont
• United States Regulars

regimental and battery monuments
19th Maine
 • 15th Massachusetts • 19th Massachusetts • 20th Massachusetts • 7th Michigan • 1st Minnesota • 1st New York Independent Battery • 1st New York, Battery B • 42nd New York • 59th New York • 80th New York • 82nd New York • 121st Pennsylvania • 143rd Pennsylvania • 149th Pennsylvania • Rhode Island Battery B • 5th United States Artillery, Battery C • 13th Vermont

other monuments
The High Water Mark of the Confederacy

battlefield terrain feature
The Copse of Trees