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Pennsylvania Independent Battery C and Pennsylvania Independent Battery F had been consolidated prior to the battle of Gettysburg due to casualties. They were separated again later in the war, but at Gettysburg they fought as one battery. The combined batteries were commanded by Captain James Thompson, and brought six 3″ Ordnance rifles to the field.

Each battery has its own monument at Gettysburg, standing side by side at the Peach Orchard. Both were dedicated in 1893 by the State of Pennsylvania. (Battery C: 39.801431° N, 77.249693° W. Battery F: 39.801341° N, 77.249433° W; Tour map: Peach Orchard)

A marker showing the position of the combined batteries on July 3 during Pickett’s Charge is on Hancock Avenue in front of the State of Pennsylvania monument. (Tour map: Hancock Avenue Part 2) It was dedicated in 1885. (39.801341° N, 77.249433° W; Google maps to all three monuments)

The Medal of honor as it looked at the time of the Civil War

Casper R. Carlisle of Battery F was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions on July 2nd when he saved a gun of his battery under heavy musketry fire, most of the horses being killed and the drivers wounded.

Battery C‘s monument

Monument to Pennsylvania Batteries C & F Consolidated at Gettysburg

From the front:

Battery C Penna. Light Artillery

Rear view of the monument to the Pennsylvania Independent Light Artillery, Battery C at Gettysburg

From the rear of Battery C’s monument:

July 2. Occupied this position from about 5 to 6 O’Clock p.m. July 3rd. In position on right of First Volunteer Brigade Reserve Artillery and engaged the enemy. Recruited at Pittsburgh. Total enrollment 325. Killed and died of wounds 4 men. Died of disease etc. 11 men. wounded 5 officers and 35 men. Captured or missing 9 men. Total Casualties 64

Mustered in November 6, 1861. Re-enlisted January 11, 1864. Mustered out June 30, 1865.

Present at Gettysburg (Consolidated Battery C&F) 105 officers and men. Died of wounds 1 man. Wounded 3 officers and 7 men. Captured or missing 3 men. Total loss 14.

From June 3 1863 to March 25th 1864 Batteries C&F served as a consolidated battery. Rappahannock Station, Cedar Mountain, Crooked Run, Rappahannock Station, Thoroughfare Gap, 2nd Bull Run, Chantilly, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Purdy’s Dam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Mitchell’s Ford, Mine Run, Morton’s Ford.

Monument to Pennsylvania Independent Battery C on the Gettysburg battlefield

Battery F’s monument

Monument to Pennsylvania Independent Battery F at Gettysburg

From the front of the monument:

F, Penna. Light Artillery
Hampton’s Battery

From the right side of the monument:

From June 3 1863 to March 25 1864 Batteries F and C served as a consolidated battery.
July 2. Occupied this position from
about 5 to 6 O’Clock p.m. July 3. With the left centre on Cemetery Ridge on left of First Volunteer Brigade Reserve Artillery marked by tablet. 24 men from Battery F were detailed to Battery H 1st Ohio Artillery posted in the cemetery during the battle.

From the left side of the monument:

Mustered in Oct. 8, 1861
Re-enlisted Feb. 27, 1864
Mustered out June 26, 1865

Monument to Pennsylvania Independent Battery F at Gettysburg

The Hancock Avenue monument to the combined batteries

Monument on Hancock Avenue to Pennsylvania Batteries C & F Consolidated at Gettysburgv

Looking southwest from Hancock Avenue in front of the Pennsylvania Monument. In the distance to the left of the monument is the Trostle Farm, and on the far right the Klingle Farm.

C&F Indp’t Penn’a Artillery

Position occupied Indp’t Pa. Art’y F
Hampton’s Battery, July 3 A.D. 1863

Organized at Pittsburgh, Pa. Oct. 8th 1861.
Mustered out of United States Service June 24, 1865

On this field the following members fell
Joseph L. Miller
Jos. B. Todd – Adam Rath
Jacob Keirch – Hugh Purdy
John H. Herbert – Cha’s. R. Bright
And eleven men were wounded

This tablet erected to their memory by the surviving members of the battery July 3rd 1885

monument on Hancock Avenue to Pennsylvania Batteries C & F Consolidated at GettysburgvSee more about Pennsylvania Independent Battery C or Pennsylvania Independent Battery F in the Civil War.