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The monument to the 147th New York is west of Gettysburg on Reynolds Avenue, north of the Railroad Cut. (39.838085° N, 77.2478° W; Tour map: Reynolds Avenue North) It was dedicated on July 1, 1888 by the State of New York.

Monument to the 147th New York Infantry at Gettysburg

A marker showing the regiment’s position on Culp’s Hill (39.8181° N, 77.219315° W) on July 2nd and 3rd was also erected in 1888. (Google maps to both monuments)

About the monument to the 147th New York

The monument is formed from Quincy granite and stands 15′ 8″ tall. It is topped by a polished sphere, a three dimensional version of the First Corps full moon symbol, which is repeated in two dimensions on the front and rear of the monument.

A bronze knapsack, cartridge box and canteen are propped against the front shaft of the monument above an inset bronze tablet of the Seal of the State of New York.

The 147th New York at Gettysburg

The 147th New York was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Lieutenant Colonel Francis L. Miller. He was wounded on July 1st and Major George Harney took command.

The regiment followed the 76th New York and 56th Pennsylvania on the field in the very early stages of the battle on July 1st but split off from them to move to a position about 300 yards west of the monument and nearer to the equestrian statue to General Reynolds.

The position was extremely deadly. Lt. Colonel Miller was ordered to fall back but was wounded before he could pass the orders on to his men. The regiment stood its ground, taking heavy casualties, before orders finally reached it alowing it to withdraw. Although the 147th lost three quarters of its men, its stand saved Hall’s Battery from destruction and probably saved the Union position south of Chambersburg Pike.

1st Corps Headquarters Flag 1C-1D

Monument to the 147th New York Infantry Regiment at Gettysburg

From the front of the monument:

147th New York Infantry,
2nd Brigade, 1st Division 1st Corps

From the rear:

Position 10 a.m.
July 1st, 1863.
Killed and Wounded here 212.
Killed and mortally wounded 76.
Wounded 146, missing 79.
Total loss 301.
Number engaged 380

From the right side:

Mine Run
North Anna
Cold Harbor
Weldon R.R.

From the left side:

Yellow House
Peebles Farm
Hatchers Run
Dabneys Mills
Gravelly Run
White Oak Road
Five Forks

Marker showing the position of the 147th New York Infantry on Culp's Hill on July 2 & 3

Marker showing the position of the regiment on Culp’s Hill on July 2 & 3

From the marker on Culp’s Hill:

147. N.Y. Infy.

July 2d & 3d 1863

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