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The main monument to the 24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment is west of Gettysburg on Meredith Avenue. (39.83491° N, 77.25441° W; Tour map: Stone & Meredith Avenues)

A position marker is at the foot of Culp’s Hill along Slocum Avenue showing the regiment’s location on July 2 and 3. (39.83491° N, 77.25441° W; Tour map: Stevens KnollGoogle maps to both monuments)Monument to the 24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment at Gettysburg

About the Monument to the 24th Michigan Infantry

The monument is made of granite and stands just over 14′ tall. On top of a pedestal a statue of a 24th Michigan enlisted man wearing the distinctive black hat of the Iron Brigade loads his rifle. Below his feet is the brass tablet placed on all State of Michigan monuments at Gettysburg.

The full moon symbol of the First Corps is below the tablet between a relief of crossed flags. The five sided symbol of the Iron Brigade is on both sides of the pedestal and the First Corps moon is repeated on the rear of the monument. It was dedicated on June 12, 1889 by the State of Michigan.

The 24th Michigan Infantry at Gettysburg

The 24th Michigan was commanded at Gettysburg by Colonel Henry A. Morrow. He was wounded on July 1st, and Captain Albert M. Edwards took command.

The 24th lost more killed and wounded than any Union regiment at Gettysburg. Seven color bearers were shot down, and twice Colonel Morrow himself took the colors before he was wounded.

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See Colonel Morrow’s Official Report for the 24th Michigan Infantry in the Gettysburg Campaign.
1st Corps Headquarters Flag 1C-1D

Monument to the 24th Michigan Infantry at Gettysburg

From the front of the monument:

24th Mich. 

1st (Iron) Brig.
1st Div. 1st Corps

From the south side of the monument:

July 1st 1863

Arriving upon the field to the south of these woods in the forenoon of July 1st, this regiment with others of the brigade (2nd and 7th Wisconsin and 19th Indiana) charged across the stream in front (Willoughby’s Run) to the crest beyond. Assisting in the capture of a large portion of Archer’s Tennessee Brigade, it was then withdrawn to this position where it fought until the time the line was outflanked and forced back.

From the north side of the monument:

Position July 2nd and 3rd on Culp’s Hill.
The Regiment was raised in Wayne Co., Michigan and mustered into the U. S. Service, August 15, 1862. Mustered out at Detroit, June 30, 1865.

From the east side of the monument:

Went into action with 496 officers and men
Killed & mortally wounded 
Otherwise wounded 
Total casualties 
Five Color Bearers were killed and all the Color Guard  were killed or wounded

Monument to the 24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment at Gettysburg

24th Michigan Infantry Marker on Culp’s Hill

The marker shows the location where the 99 survivors of the regiment dug in on the north side of Culp’s Hill after their retreat from Seminary Ridge on the evening of July 1. The men would hold this position for the remainder of the battle.

Monument to the 24th Michigan Infantry on Culp's Hill at Gettysburg

Monument to the 24th Michigan on Culp’s Hill

From the marker at the foot of Culp’s Hill:

24th Regiment
Michigan Volunteer Infantry
Iron Brigade.
Of the 496 men who went into battle on July 1, 1863, 99 answered roll call here on the morning of July 2 – 3 1863.

Monument on Culp's Hill at Gettysburg to the 24th Michigan Infantry Regiment

The marker on the northwest side of Culp’s Hill

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