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The monument to Beckham’s Stuart Horse Artillery is east of Gettysburg on the East Cavalry Battlefield on Confederate Cavalry Avenue. (East Cavalry Battlefield – north tour map)

Stuart’s horse artillery was commanded by Major Robert F. Beckham, a Virginian who had graduated from West Point just before the war.

Monument to the Stuart Horse Artillery of the Army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg

From the monument:

C. S. A.
Army of Northern Virginia
Stuart’s Cavalry Division
Horse Artillery 
Major R. F. Beckham Commanding

Breathed’s Virginia Battery
Chew’s Virginia Battery
Griffin’s Maryland Battery
Hart’s South Carolina Battery
McGregor’s Virginia Battery
Moorman’s Virginia Battery

July 3. These batteries were not permanently attached to the cavalry brigades but were sent to them when needed Breathed’s Battery with Brig. General W. H. F Lee’s Brigade. Chew’s Battery Brig. General W. E. Jones’ Brigade. Griffin’s Battery with the Second Army Corps. Hart’s Battery attached to the Washington Artillery with the Army Trains. McGregor’s Battery with Brig. Gen. Wade Hampton’s Brigade. Moorman’s Battery no report.

Casualties not reported.

Confederate Major Robert F. Beckham

Confederate Major Robert F. Beckham