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“Pierpont Battery”

The monument to Battery C, First West Virginia Artillery is southeast of Gettysburg in the National Cemetery. (National Cemetery tour map)  The State of West Virginia dedicated the monument in 1898.

The men of Battery C were originally from Company B of the 18th Ohio Infantry Regiment. The 18th Ohio had volunteered for three months service in the early days of the war. Men from its Company B volunteered to serve as artillerymen in Battery C, which was offered to the Governor of West Virginia. About 60% of the men from the battery were from Washington County in Ohio, with the rest from West Virginia.

Monument to West Virginia Battery C at Gettysburg

Monument to West Virginia Battery C at Gettysburg

Captain Wallace Hill commanded Battery C at the Battle of Gettysburg. It was equipped with four 10-pounder Parrott Rifles. The battery was part of Captain James Huntington’s Artillery Reserve, 3rd Volunteer Brigade.

The battery brought 124 men to the field, losing two men killed and two men wounded. S. J. Braddock was killed on July 2 and Charles Lacy on July 3. Adam Steeber died of his wounds on July 4.

Monument to West Virginia Battery C at Gettysburg

From the monument:

Erected by the State of
West Virginia
to commemorate the
valor and fidelity
of Battery C
First West Virginia Artillery

Location of the monument to Battery C, 1st West Virginia Artillery at Gettysburg

The monument to the West Virginia’s Battery C is south of Gettysburg in the National Cemetery. It is along the eastern fence between the National Cemetery and Evergreen Cemetery, about 175 yards from the south gate. (39°49’07.6″N 77°13’53.7″W)

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