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Jones Avenue lies almost hidden between a subdivision and the Gettysburg Lutheran Retirement Village less than a mile northeast of Gettysburg along Old Harrisburg Road (Business U.S. 15). One of the least visited areas of the park, a narrow, paved lane with a small strip of park land on each side heads about a quarter mile east before ending in a loop, giving access to the headquarters marker and the four battery markers for Jones’ Artillery Battalion of Confederate General Jubal Early’s Division.

Jones Avenue is not on the Gettysburg Auto Tour, but is easily reached from the tour by turning left (instead of right) onto Business U.S. 15 after leaving Howard Avenue and Barlow’s Knoll. You can rejoin the tour by returning along Business U.S. 15.

Jones’ Artillery Battalion reached this position around mid-afternoon on July 1st and supported Early’s successful flank attack on Union General Oliver Howard’s 11th Corps on the other side of Rock Creek. The battalion also provided fire against Union 1st Corps troops withdrawing from Seminary Ridge. Most of the battalion was unengaged for the rest of the battle.

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Map of Jones Artillery Avenue at Gettysburg

Jones’ Battalion, Early’s Division, 2nd Corps

Confederate artillery markers
Charlottesville Artillery
 – Staunton Artillery – Courtney Artillery – Louisiana Guard Artillery