Gouverneur K. Warren: the Right Man on Little Round Top

As the Confederate attack began to develop on July 2nd the Signal Corps detachment on Little Round Top was joined by Brigadier General Gouverneur K. Warren, who was horrified to find not a single fighing man on the hill. Warren was the right man in the right place at the right time. As Chief Engineer of the Army of the Potomac he had the freedom to move about the lines, bringing him to Little Round Top in the nick of time. He had a well-trained eye for terrain which instantly recognized the importance of the position and the need to place troops on it. And he had commanded a brigade in the Fifth Corps earlier in the war, so that when his pleas went out solely on his own authority to divert units from other missions to save Little Round Top, by the greatest good fortune the nearest units happened to be Fifth Corps men who knew him and did not doubt or wait to send for confirmation from headquarters before going to his aid.

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