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There are two identical monuments to the battery on the East Cavalry Field. They are a short distance apart on East Cavalry Lane and show the locations of the two sections in which the battery fought. Google map; Tour Map: East Cavalry Battlefield – south end)

Monument to 1st United States Artillery Batteries E and G at Gettysburg

The battery brought 84 men to the field under Captain Alanson M. Randol and suffered no casualties.

The monument indicates that the battery was armed with 12 pounder howitzers, but the Army of the Potomac’s horse artillery at this time was armed with the lighter and more maneuverable 3 inch Ordnance Rifle, and other sources indicate that Batteries E and G were as well.

From the monuments:

Army of the Potomac
Cavalry Corps 

Batteries E & G First U. S. Artillery 

Four 12 Pounders
Captain Alanson M. Randol commanding

July 1&2 With First Brigade Second Cavalry Division. Not engaged.

July 3 One section under Lieut. James Chester was ordered to Second Brigade Third Cavalry Division and took position west of the Low Dutch Road and with Brig. General Custer’s Second Brigade Third Division Cavalry Corps was hotly engaged in repelling the attack of Major General Stuart’s Confederate Cavalry Division. The one section under Lieut. Ernest L. Kinney remained near the Hanover Road.

Monument to 1st United States Artillery Batteries E and G at Gettysburg

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