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The monument to the 151st Pennsylvania Volunteers is west of Gettysburg on Reynolds Avenue.(39.83375° N, 77.25103° W; Google map; Tour map: South Reynolds Avenue)

Monument to the 151st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

About the monument

The granite monument stands just under sixteen feet high. The circle symbol of the First Corps is on all four sides of the cap, and a bronze relief of three stacked muskets is set into a niche on its front. The monument was dedicated on July 1, 1888 by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The 151st Pennsylvania at Gettysburg

The 151st Pennsylvania was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Lieutenant Colonel George F. McFarland. He was wounded on July 1st near the Seminary, losing his leg. Captain Walter L. Owens then took command.

The 151st brought 467 men to the field. It lost 51 killed, 211 wounded and 75 missing – the second highest casualty total of all Union regiments at the Battle of Gettysburg. It mustered out of its nine months service three weeks after the battle, having lost 75% of its strength in its one fight.

The regiment had over 100 schoolteachers on its muster rolls, and was known as the School Teacher Regiment.

Official Records thumbnail See Lt. Colonel McFarland’s Official Report on the 151st Pennsylvania Infantry at Gettysburg
1st Corps Headquarters Flag 1C-3D
Closeup of the front of the monument to the 151st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

Closeup of the front of the monument

From the front of the monument:

151st Pennsylvaia Infantry

July 1. Fought here and in the grove west of the
Theological Seminary.
July 2. In reserve on Cemetery Hill.
July 3. In position on left centre and assisted in
repulsing the charge of the enemy in the afternoon.

Present at Gettysburg, officers 21, men 446.
Killed and mortally wounded, officers 2, men 79.
Wounded, officers 9, men 172.
Captured or missing, officers 4, men 71.
Total loss officers 15, men 322.

1st Brigade 3rd Division, 1st Corps

Detail from the monument to the 151st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

From the rear:

Recruited in the counties of Berks, Juniata, Schuylkill, Susquehanna, Pike and Warren.
Mustered in Oct. & Nov. 1862
Mustered out July 27, 1863

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