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The monument to the 141st Pennsylvania Volunteers is south of Gettysburg in the Peach Orchard. (39.80109° N, 77.24881° W; Google map; Tour map: Peach Orchard)

Monument to the 141st Pennsylvania Infantry at Gettysburg

About the monument to the 141st Pennsylvania

The granite monument stands about fourteen feet high. On its face is a carved relief of two crossed rifles hung with a canteen and cartridge box and crowned with laurel leaves, all above an inset bronze tablet with the Seal of the State of Pennsylvania. The monument’s cap works in the diamond symbol of the Third Corps on all four sides. The monument was dedicated by the State of Pennsylvania on September 11, 1889.

The 141st Pennsylvania at Gettysburg

The 141st was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Colonel Henry J. Madill, an attorney from Towanda. Its losses included the death or mortal wounding of all of the color bearers and the entire color guard. It has the second highest percentage of losses of any Union regiment on the field, following only the 1st Minnesota.

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See Lieutenant Colonel Madill’s Official Report of the 141st Pennsylvania in the Battle of Gettysburg
3rd Corps Headquarters Flag 3C-1D

From the front of the monument:

141st Penna Infantry
1st Brig. 1st Div. 3rd Corps

Mustered in August and September 1862
Mustered out May 28, 1865
Recruited in Bradford, Susquehanna
and Wayne Counties

Present at Gettysburg 9 offices and 200 men.
Killed and died of wounds 1 officer 41 men Total 42 Wounded          5   ”   81   ”   86   ”
Captured or missing 21   ”   21   ”
Total 149.

From the left side:

July 2 occupied this position from 4 to 6 p.m. Advanced and successfully resisted an attack on the 15th New York Light Artillery by the 2nd and 8th South Carolina Infantry.  Afterwards retired changed front to the right and encountered a brigade of the 13 17 18 & 21 Mississippi Infantry. Held them in check with great gallantry until outflanked. Retired firing by successive formations from the field.

From the rear:

Total enrollment 1048.
Killed and died of wounds 6 officers 144 men Total 150
Died of disease etc.  3 officers 88 men Total   91
Wounded  23 officers 426 men Total 449
Captured or missing  106 men Total 106
Total casualties 796

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Flank marker for the 141st Pennsylvania Infantry at Gettysburg

Flank marker for the 141st Pennsylvania in the Peach Orchard

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