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The monument to the 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment is southeast of Gettysburg on Highland Avenue. It is one of the least visited monuments at Gettysburg due to its out of the way location. (39.817554 N, 77.197766 W; Google map)

Monument to the 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment at Gettysburg

About the monument

The granite monument stands just over twelve feet tall. It is a statue of a dismounted cavalryman at ease, his hands resting on his saber. The front of the monument’s pedastal has a relief of crossed cavalry sabers hanging from a branch beneath a bronze tablet of the Coat of Arms of the State of Pennsylvania.

The 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry at Gettysburg

The 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Lieutenant Colonel John K. Robison. It brought 411 men to the field, losing two killed and four wounded. On the afternoon of July 3rd the regiment covered the area between the left flank of the infantry on Wolf Hill and Gregg’s Cavalry Division on what is now the East Cavalry Battlefield.

From the monument:

Position occupied
on the afternoon
of July 3rd, 1863.

16th Pennsylvania Cavalry
2nd Brigade 2nd Cavalry Division
Cavalry Corps

Army of the Potomac

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