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The monument at Gettysburg to the 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment is on the south edge of Gettysburg on Steinwehr Avenue. (39.81605° N, 77.23705° W; Gettysburg map; Tour map: Hancock Avenue at Ziegler’s Grove) The 8th Ohio is also honored by a monument at Antietam.

Monument to the 8th Ohio Infantry at Gettysburg

About the monument to the 8th Ohio

The granite monument is 12′ 4″ tall and is topped with a bronze represenation of a drum with a cap, knapsack, canteen, and blanket roll. It was dedicated on September 14, 1887 by the State of Ohio.

The 8th Ohio Volunteers at the Battle of Gettysburg

The 8th Ohio was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Sawyer, and brought 209 men to the field.

On July 2nd the regiment was posted as skirmishers roughly in the area of the monument. They battled with Confederates along Emmitsburg Road that day and up until the artillery bombardment preceding Lomngstreet’s Assaut, more commonly known as Pickett’s Charge.

Well advanced and isolated from the Union line and watching over 13,000 Confederates advancing toward them, the 200 Ohioans attacked. They struck the exposed flank of Brockenbrough’s Virginia Brigade as it went by, sending them to the rear in disorder, then continued to disrupt the northern flank of Pettigrew’s and Trimble’ men until the charge collapsed. It was a major, if little appreciated, factor in the success of the Union defence.

The Medal of honor as it looked at the time of the Civil War Corporal John Miller of Company G and Private James Richmond of Company F were awarded the Medal of Honor for their actions on July 3rd when they captured three flags
2nd Corps Headquarters Flag 2C-2D

From the front of the monument:

8th Ohio Infantry,
Carrol’s Brig. 3d Div.
2d Corps.
July 2,3, 1863

Ohio’s Tribute

From the right side:

8th Ohio Infantry
July 2, 3, 1863.
Engaged 209.
Killed 18.
Wounded 83.
Missing 1.
Total loss 102.

From the left side:

The 8th Ohio Infantry under Lieut. Col. Franklin Sawyer took this position at 4 p.m. July 2 after a brisk skirmish and held it July 2 and 3 during Longstreet’s assault. July 3, the regiment advanced and by left wheel attacked the enemy in flank, capturing three flags and numerous prisoners.

Fromt the rear:

The 8th Ohio Infantry was organized for 3 months April 29, and for 3 years June 24, 1861. Took part in the battles of  Romney, Winchester 1862 South Mountain, Antietam, Frdericksburg, Gettysburg, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor,  Petersburg  and many other important engagements. Was mustered out July 13, 1864.

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