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The monument to the 55th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment is south of Gettysburg on the east side of the intersection of Taneytown Road and Steinwehr Avenue.(39.8214668° N, 77.232914° W ; Google map; Tour map: National Cemetery) It was dedicated on September 14, 1887.

Monument to the 55th Ohio Infantry Regiment at Gettysburg

The monument is made of Ohio sandstone, the only use of that type of stone at Gettysburg. Unfortunately, the soft stone is weathering heavily. Bronze inscription plates were added in 1989 to replace lettering that had eroded so badly as to be difficult to read.

The 55th Ohio Infantry was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Colonel Charles B. Gambee. It brought 375 men to the field.

The Medal of honor as it looked at the time of the Civil War Private Charles Stacey of Company D was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions at Gettysburg on July 2nd when he “voluntarily took an advanced position on the skirmish line for the purpose of ascertaining the location of Confederate sharpshooters, and under heavy fire held the position thus taken until the company of which he was a member went back to the main line.”
11th Corps Headquarters Flag 11C-2D

Side view of the monument to the 55th Ohio Infantry Regiment at Gettysburg

From the front of the monument:

55th Ohio Infantry

2d Brigade, 2d Division, 11th Corps

Erected by the State of Ohio

Side view of the monument to the 55th Ohio Infantry Regiment at Gettysburg

From the left side:

55th Ohio Infantry
Arrived at 2:20 pm. July 1, in this position, which it held throughout the battle. With severe loss, its skirmishers drove back those of the enemy and seized a barn between the lines, where 12 of its men were surrounded and captured by the enemy’s main line.
6 killed. 31 wounded.
12 missing.

From the right side:

Ohio Infantry

Organized for 3 years at Norwalk, Ohio, Autumn of 1861. Served in the Mountain Department, 1st Corps, Army of Virginia, and 11th Corps, Army of the Potomac. Was transferred in September, 1863, to Army of the Cumberland. Served in Grant’s Chattanooga Campaign and with the 20th Corps in Sherman’s Georgia and Carolina Campaigns. Mustered out July 11, 1865

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