Two monuments to the Fourth Ohio Volunteers are on the Gettysburg battlefield. Both were dedicated by the State of Ohio on September 14, 1887.

The main monument is on East Cemetery Hill. (39.82097° N, 77.228745° W; Google map; Monument map: East Cemetery Hill) A smaller monument showing the position of detached Companies G & I is on Emmitsburg Road. (39.81673° N, 77.2363° W; Google map; Monument map: Hancock Avenue at Ziegler’s Grove)

About the main monument to the 4th Ohio

The monument consists of a statue of a soldier standing atop a tall pedestal. The pedestal is heavily ornamented, with reliefs of the trefoil symbol of the Second Corps, the Seal of the State of Ohio, flags, rifles and an eagle.

The monument, marker, and flank markers were all cast of zinc, or “white bronze”. Unfortunately, the material was not as durable as the true bronze of most other metal monuments on the battlefield. The metal was banned for Gettysburg monuments immediately after the 4th Ohio monument was unveiled.

By 1976 the monument was leaning to one side and cracks were developing in the base, and the top of the monument was removed for safety reasons. It was restored in 2004 with the addition of a steel plate, the cost paid for by an Ohio group of Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.

2nd Corps Headquarters Flag 2C-3D
The 4th Ohio was attached to the 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, Second Army Corps

The 4th Ohio at the Battle of Gettysburg

The 4th Ohio Infantry was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Lieutenant Colonel Leonard W. Carpenter, a medical student from Mount Vernon. It brought 229 men to the field, losing 9 killed, 17 wounded and 5 missing.

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See Lieutenant Colonel Carpenter’s Offiical Report on the 4th Ohio at Gettysburg
Monument to the 4th Ohio Infantry at Gettysburg

From the front of the Cemetery Hill monument:

4th Ohio Infantry,
1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 2nd Corps
Carroll’s Brigade

Ohio’s Tribute

Closeup of front of the monument  to the 4th Ohio infantry at Gettysburg

Closeup of front of the monument

Left side of the monument to the 4th Ohio at Gettaysburg

Left side of the monument to the 4th Ohio at Gettaysburg

From the left side:

On the evening of July 2, 1863. Carroll’s Brigade was sent from its position with the 2nd Corps to re-enforce this position of the line, and this monument marks the position where, as part of that brigade, the 4th Ohio Infantry at that time participated in repelling an attack of the enemy.

Carroll’s Brigade.

Companies A&B from Mt. Vernon, Knox County
Companies C&I from Delaware, Delaware County
Companies D&G from Kenton, Hardin County

Detail of right side of 4th Ohio monument at Gettysburg

Detail of right side of 4th Ohio monument

From the right side:

July 2 and 3, 1863.

Capt. Samuel J. Shoub, Co. I
Lieut. Addison H. Edgar, Co. G
Corp. John Debolt, Co. B
Private James W. Harl, Co. A
William Bain, Co. G,
George H. Martin Co. G
George H. Martin, Co. G
Asa O. Davis, Co. G,
David W. Collins, Co. G
Andrew Myers, Co. G
Simon Rollenson, Co. I
Jacob Sheak, Co. I
Henry G. Stark, Co. I

Capt. Peter Grubb, Co. G
Sergt. M V. B. Longworth, Co. G
Corp. Lyman S. Ensign, Co. F
Private Wm. D. Breyfogle, Co. C
Samuel Wells, Co. C
Finley Bain, Co. C
James Holloway, Co. C
Reason Gillmore, Co. D
Michael Hermann, Co. G
Henry P. Pfeiffer, Co. G
Wm. Shinderwolf, Co. G
George W. Wilcox, Co. G
John Winstead, Co. I
Jacob Boyer, Co. K
Joseph Short, Co. K

Rear view of the monument to the 4th Ohio

Rear view of the monument to the 4th Ohio

From the rear of the monument:

Principal Engagements.
Rich Mountain
Blue’s Gap
Front Royal
Harrison’s Landing
Bristoe Station
Robertson’s Tavern
Mine Run
Morton’s Ford
Laurel Hill
Ny River
North Anna River
Cold Harbor

Carroll’s Brigade.

Organized for three months’ service
at Columbus, Ohio, April 21, 1861.
Reorganized for three years’ service
at Camp Dennison, Ohio, June 5, 1861.
Mustered out at expiration of term
of service June 22, 1864.

Marker showing the position of the 4th Ohio on Emmitsburg Road

Marker showing the position of the 4th Ohio on Emmitsburg Road

From marker on Emmitsburg Road:


From the front:

Companies G and I,
4th Ohio Infantry,
1st Brigade, 3d Division, 2d Corps,
July 2, 1863.

From the left side:

At 3 p.m., July 2, 1863, while the regiment was lying on Cemetery Ridge, Companies G and I, Fourth Ohio Infantry, detached under Captain Peter Grubb of Company G, advanced to this position where, with severe loss, they engaged the enemy during the remainder of the day. Late in the evening they were withdrawn to the regiment on East Cemetery Hill.

From the right side:

In honor of her
brave sons who
fought here,
the State of Ohio
erects this memorial

From the rear:

Pro Patria

The left flank marker of the 4th Ohio  at Gettysburg

The left flank marker of the 4th Ohio

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