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There are two monuments shared by the 25th and 75th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiments on the Gettysburg battlefield. Both were erected in 1887 by the State of Ohio. The regiments fought side by side at Gettysburg.

The first monument (this page) is north of Gettysburg on Howard Avenue at Barlow’s Knoll. (39.845326° N, 77.226659° W; Tour map: Howard Avenue East) It shows the position of the two regiments on the afternoon of July 1st.

The second monument (see Page Two) is southeast of town on Wainwright Avenue at the foot of Cemetery Hill.

The 25th Ohio was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Lieutenant Colonel Jeremiah Williams. He was captured on July 1st, and Captain Nathaniel J. Manning took over until he was wounded. Second Lieutenant William Maloney briefly commanded the regiment on the 2nd, then Lieutenant Israel White took over for the remainder of the battle.

The 75th Ohio was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Colonel Andrew L. Harris, who took over command of the brigade on July 1. Captain George B. Fox then took over the regiment.

11th Corps Headquarters Flag 11C-1D

Monument to the 25th & 75th Ohio Infantry Regiments on Barlow's Knoll at GettysburgFrom the front of the Howard Avenue monument:

25th and 75th Ohio Infantry
2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 11th Corps.
This monument marks the left flank of the 25th and the right flank of the 75th Ohio Infantry July 1, 1863.

This memorial erected by the State of Ohio

From the rear:

Arriving at Gettysburg from Emmitsburg July 1, 1863
The 25th and 75th Ohio Infantry advanced beyond the town and, under a heavy cannonade, took position here, supporting Battery G, 4th U.S. Artillery. During July 2 and 3, they held an advanced line on East Cemetery Hill, and early July 4 led the advance into the town.

From the left side:

Gettysburg July 1,2,3, 1863
25th Ohio Infantry
Engaged 220.
Killed 16, wounded 96, missing 71.
Total loss 180.

75th Ohio Infantry
Engaged 269.
Killed or mortally wounded 38, missing 86.
Total loss 180.

From the right side:

25th Ohio Infantry
Organized for 3 years in June 1861.
Renenlisted Jan. 1864.
Mustered out June 18, 1866.

75th Ohio Infantry.
Organized for 3 years Nov. 7, 1861.
Mustered out and battalion organized
Jan. 17, 1865. Battalion mustered out
July, 27. 1865.

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