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“The Orange Blossoms”

There are two monuments to the 124th New York won the Getysburg battlefield. The main monument is south of Gettysburg at the Devil’s Den on Sickles Avenue. (39.792376° N, 77.242274° W; Tour map: Devil’s Den)

Monument to the 124th New York Infantry at Gettysburg

A secondary monument is north of Pleasonton avenue near the State of Pennsylvania monument. (39.808672° N , 77.235274° W; Tour maps: Hancock Avenue Part 2 or Pleasonton AvenueGoogle maps to both monuments)

The 124th New York was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Colonel Augustus Van Horne Ellis, whose figure tops the monument. In the thick of the fighting by the Devil’s Den, Colonel Ellis ordered the staff’s horses brought up and he, Major James Cromwell and Adjutant Henry Ramsdell mounted. When a captain protested that they were making targets of themselves Major Cromwell replied, “the men must see us today.” Both he and Colonel Ellis were killed, but the 124th bought an hour’s time for the south flank of the Army of the Potomac.

Lieutenant Colonel Francis M. Cummins took over command of the regiment despite also being wounded.

The 124th brought 279 men to the field and lost 28 killed, 57 wounded and 5 missing.

3rd Corps Headquarters Flag 3C-1D

From the front of the Sickles Avenue monument:

124th New York Infantry
2nd Brigade, 1st Division 3rd Corps
July 2, 1863

From the tablet on the rear of the monument:

The Orange Blossoms went into action on this spot
with 18 officers and 220 men.
Lost in killed and wounded 7 officers and 85 men.
Mustered in Sept. 5, 1862.
Total Enlistments – 1320.
Total Losses 516.
Mustered out June 2, 1865.

From the right side of the monument:

Col. A. Van Horn Ellis
Captain Isaac Nicoll
Sergt John D. Drake
Corpl Jacob Lent
Priv William Lamereaux
Priv Benjamin F. Flagg
Priv James Roke
Priv William H. Cox
Priv James E. Homan
Priv Charles Edwards
Priv James Partigton
Priv William Whan
Priv John Carroll
Priv Cornelius S. Allen
Priv George H. Stephens
Priv Ambrose S. Holbert
Priv Walter Barton

Our Comrades They Died For Their Country.

From the left side of the monument:

Major James Cromwell
Lieut J. Milner Brown
Corpl Orlando U. Knapp
Corpl Isaac Decker
Priv Harrison Storms
Priv Robert J. Holland
Priv John Glanz
Priv James Pemberton
Priv John W. Leeper
Priv James B. Moore
Priv Hezekiah Harris
Priv John Scott
Priv Amsey W. Quick
Priv Isaac G. Gillson
Priv William D. Dawkins
Priv. William Campbell

Orange County’s Tribute
To Her Brave Defenders.

Monnument to the 124th New York Infantry on Pleasonton Avenue at Gettysburg

From the Pleasonton Avenue monument:

124th New York Infantry
(Orange Blssoms)
2nd Brigade, 1st Division 3rd Corps
Occupied this position during Pickett’s Charge
July 3, 1863

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