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The monument to the First New Jersey Volunteer Cavalry is east of Gettysburg on the East Cavalry Battlefield. (39.828713° N, 77.169962° W; Google map; Tour map: East Cavalry Battlefield – south end) It was dedicated by the State of New Jersey on July 1st, 1888.

The regiment was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Major Myron H. Beumont and brought 269 men to the field, losing nine wounded.

Monument to the 1st New Jersey Cavalry at Gettysburg

From the monument:

First New Jersey Cavalry
Maj. Myron H. Beaumont
1st Brigade, 2d Cavalry Division
July 3, 1863
Erected by the State of New Jersey

From the right side:

Fought here July 3, 1863 both mounted and dismounted
holding  this position several hours.  Assisted in repelling the charges of the  enemy’s cavalry.

From the left side:

Organized in September 1861, and served to the end of the war.  Participated in 97 engagements.
Killed in action 79
Died of wounds, etc. 170;
Prisoners of war, 34,
Missing, supposed dead, 12.

From the rear:

Officers killed in battle during the war
Col. Hugh H. Janeway
Lt. Col. Virgil Broderick
Maj. John H. Shellmire
Maj. James H. Hart
Maj. John H. Lucas
Capt. Thomas R. Haines
Capt. Moses H. Malesbury
Lieut. Alexander Stewart
Lieut Edward E. Jemison
Lieut. John W. Bellis
Lieut Voorhees Dye
Lieut. Alanson Austin

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