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The main monument to the 12th New Jersey Volunteers is south of Gettysburg on Hancock Avenue across from the Brian Farm. (39.81515° N, 77.23545° W; Google map; Tour map: Hancock Avenue at Ziegler’s Grove) It was dedicated by the State of New Jersey on June 30th, 1888.

Monument to the 12th New Jersey at Gettysburg

A marker at the Bliss farm site, dedicated in 1888, commemorates the actions of detatchments of the regiment in the struggle for the imortant position between the Union and Confederate lines.

The Twelfth New Jersey was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Major John T. Hill. It brought 532 men to the field.

2nd Corps Headquarters Flag 2C-3D

From the front of the monument:

In memory of the men of the Twelfth Regiment New Jersey Infantry Volunteers who fell upon this field July 2d & 3d 1863, and who elsewhere died under the flag. This monument is dedicated by their surviving comrades as an example to future generations.

12th Regt. N.J. Vol.

A bas-relief at the base of the monument shows the fighting around the Bliss barn.

Bronze bas-relief from the front of the monument to the 12th New Jersey at Gettysburg

Bronze bas-relief from the front of the monument

From the right side:

“Buck & Ball Calibre .69.”
Two charges were made by this regiment on Bliss Barn
July 2d & 3d 1863 capturing it

Strength at muster in 992
Gained 907, total 1899
Died in service, officers 9, enlisted men 252.

Lost on this field
Killed 2 officers, 20 men
Wounded, 4 officers, 80 men.
Missing 9, Total 115.

“Buck and ball Calibre .69” refers to the common load of one ball and three buckshot used in the regiment’s smoothbore muskets, represented by the balls on the top of the monument.

Marker for the 12th New Jersey on the Bliss farm site at Gettysburg

Marker for the 12th New Jersey on the Bliss farm site

From the front of the marker at the Bliss farm site:

Erected by the State of New Jersey A.D. 1888 in honor of the 12th Regiment of Volunteers a detachment of which in the afternoon of July 2, 1863. charged the Bliss house and barn here capturing the enemy’s skirmish reserve of 7 officers and 85 men stationed therein.

From the rear:

On the morning of July 3, another detachment of the regiment charged capturing the buildings and one officer and one man and driving back the skirmish reserve. The regiment lost in these charges 60 officers and men.

There is also a monument to the 12th New Jersey on the Wildernesss Battlefield in Virginia.

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