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The monument to the 20th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment is south of Gettysburg in the Rose Woods, just northwest of the Devil’s Den on Cross Avenue at the intersection with Sickles and Ayers Avenues. (Ayers Avenue – Loop tour map) It was erected in 1885 by the State of Indiana.

Monument to the 20th Indina Volunteer Infantry Regiment at Gettysburg

The 20th Indiana was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Colonel John Wheeler, a Crown Point newspaper editor. Wheeler was killed on July 2nd in the fighting in the Rose Woods when he was shot in the temple. Lieutenant Colonel William C.L. Taylor took over until he was wounded, when command fell to Captain Erasmus C. Gilbreath.

The 20th Indiana brought 496 men to the field, of whom 32 were killed, 114 wounded and 10 missing.

The Medal of honor as it looked at the time of the Civil War

Private Oliver P. Rood of company B was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions at Gettysburg on July 3rd for the Capture of the flag of 21st North Carolina Infantry.

3rd Corps Headquarters Flag Attached to the 2nd Brigade1st Division3rd Corps, Army of the Potomac 3C-1D

From the monument:

20th Regt. Indiana Volunteer Infantry July 2nd, 1863.
Col. John Wheeler killed near by.

20th Ind.

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Location of the monument

The monument to the 20th Indiana is south of Gettysburg on the north side of Cross Avenue 50 yards west of the intersection with Sickles and Ayers Avenues. Cross, Sickles and Ayers Avenues are all one way westbound. (39°47’41.5″N 77°14’34.0″W)