After Pickett’s Charge was thrown back on July 3, Union Brigadier General Judson Kilpatrick ordered newly-promoted 26 year old Brigadier General Elon Farnsworth to lead a mounted charge of four companies of the 1st Vermont Cavalry against Confederate Brigadier General Evander Law’s Alabama Brigade in the rocky, heavily wooded terrain north of Big Round Top. When Farnsworth protested the order Kilpatrick questioned his bravery. Farnsworth lead the disastrous charge and was killed. Major Wiliam Wells took command of the survivors, earning the Medal of Honor.

The tablet is beneath the statue to Major Wells (map). The scene shows Farnsworth (at left) receiving his mortal wound, while Wells continues ahead, saber raised. The sculptor used photographs of the survivors to model the faces in the charge, and over twenty individuals can be identified in the tablet.

Bronze bas-relief from the 1st Vermont Cavalry monument at Gettysburg

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