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In 2015 the Civil War Trust acquired the Thompson House and 4 acres on Seminary Ridge. All non-historical structures were removed, along with nonessential parking. The ground was returned to its historical contours, and an apple orchard will be replanted. The house itself was returned to its 1863 look, well known through the many photographs and descriptions from the time. It even includes the doghouse, seen in several period photos. A trail with interpretive markers was laid out through the grounds. The restoration was lately complete by October of 2016.

The Mary Thompson house, known as Lee's Headquarters, on the Gettysburg battlefield.

View looking west down Chambersburg road (US 30). Three wayside markers can be seen to the right of the Thompson house.

Wayside markers at the Thompson house (Lee’s Headquarters):

Climax on Seminary Ridge wayside marker
Fighting and Photographs wayside marker
The Headquarters Complex wayside marker
Life On Seminary Ridge wayside marker
Restoring Seminary Ridge wayside marker

Behind the Mary Thompson House on the Gettysburg battlefield

Behind the Mary Thompson House. The house was well photographed just days after the battle, and the Civil War Trust took great pains to restore it as closely as possible.

Doghouse behind the Mary Thompson House on the Gettysburg battlefield

Including the dog house.

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