Monuments to Individuals at Gettysburg

The monument at Gettysburg to Albert Woolson, the last survivor of the Grand Army of the Republic, is south of Gettysburg on Hancock Avenue in Ziegler’s Woods. (Hancock Avenue at Ziegler’s Grove tour map)

Albert Woolson was born on February 11, 1850 (other sources list 1847). His father, Willard Woolson, died of his wounds from the Battle of Shiloh. Albert then enlisted in Company C, 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery Regiment as a drummer boy at the age of 17. After the war he lived the rest of his life in Minnesota. He had eight children, was twice widowed, was a carpenter and a member of the Grand Army of the Republic. Woolson became the senior vice commander in chief of the GAR in 1953. He died on August 2nd, 1956 at the age of 106 (or 109). After his death the Grand Army of the Republic was dissolved. Albert Woolson was the last official survivor of the over 2 million men who served the United States in the Civil War.

Monument on the Gettysburg battlefield to the Grand Army of the Republic and to Albert Woolson, its Last Survivor.

From the front of the monument:

Memorial to the
Grand Army of the Republic

From the left side:

Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief
of the G.A.R.
Albert Woolson of Duluth, Minnesota.
The last survivor.

From the right side:

Dedicated on September 12, 1956
by National Auxiliary to
Sons of Union Veterans
of the Civil War 1861 – 1865

Monument at Gettysburg to Albert Woolson, the Last Survivor.

Location of the monument to Albert Woolson at Gettysburg

The monument to Albert Woolson is south of Gettysburg on the east side of Hancock Avenue. It is about 75 yards north of the Brian farmhouse. (39°48’58.1″N 77°14’05.4″W)

Albert Woolson statue in Duluth MN

Copy of the statue of Albert Woolson in Duluth, Minnesota, where he died on August 2, 1956.