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The monument to Battery K, 4th United States Artillery is south of Gettysburg on Emmitsburg Road. (Emmitsburg Road & North Sickles Avenue tour map) The battery brought 134 men and six 12-Pounders to the field. Lieutenant Francis Seely commanded the battery at Gettysburg. He was wounded twice at Gettysburg, and was breveted major for his actions. Lieutenant Robert James took over the battery when Seely was wounded.

Monument to the 4th United States Artillery, Battery K at Gettysburg

Monument to Battery K, 4th United States Artillery at Gettysburg

3rd Corps Headquarters Flag

From the monument

Army of the Potomac
Third Corps
Artilery Brigade

Battery K Fourth U. S. Artillery

Six 12 Pounders
Lieut. Francis W. Seely commanding

July 1 Arrived at night and encamped in a field south of the town between the Emmitsburg and Taneytown Roads.

July 2 Went into position at 4 p.m. on the right of Smith’s log house on Emmitsburg Road with Brig. General A.A. Humphreys’s Division Third Corps and soon took position on the left of the log house and at the left of an apple orchard and opened fire on the Confederate infantry as it began to advance.

Hotly engaged with the Confederate infantry and artillery in front on the line from the Evergreen Cemetery to Little Round Top. Lieut. Seeley having been wounded the command devolved on Lieut. Robert James.

July 3 Remained in the position of the previous night

Casualties: Killed 2 men; wounded 1 officer and 18 men; missing 4 men. Lost and disabled 28 horses

Location of the monument to Battery K

The monument to the Battery K is south of Gettysburg on the east side of Emmitsburg Road about 200 yards north of United States Avenue. (39°48’20.3″N 77°14’48.6″W)

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