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There are two monuments to Battery G,  4th United States Artillery on the Gettysburg battlefield. The first is north of Gettysburg along Howard Avenue on Barlow’s Knoll (Howard Avenue East tour map). The second is southeast of town in the National Cemetery. (National Cemetery tour map) The battery is also referenced on a marker at Antietam.

Monument to the 4th United States Artillery, Battery G at Gettysburg

Monument to the 4th United States Artillery, Battery G in the National Cemetery at Gettysburg

11th Corps Headquarters Flag

Both monuments have identical tablets with the exception of the commanding officer listed. Lieutenant Wilkinson is listed as commander on the Barlow’s Knoll monument, where he was mortally wounded. When the battery redeployed on Cemetery Hill Lieutenant Bancroft was in command, and he is listed on the monument in the National Cemetery.

From the monuments

Army of the Potomac
Eleventh Corps
Artillery Brigade

Battery G Fourth U. S. Artillery

Six 12 Pounders
Lieut. Bayard Wilkinson commanding [or]
Lieut. Eugene A. Bancroft commanding

July 1 Arrived at Gettysburg about 11 a.m. Advanced and took position two sections on Barlow’s Knoll the left section detached near Almshouse. Engaged Confederate Infantry and artillery on right and left. Lieut. Wilkeson fell early mortally wounded and the command devolved on Lieut. Bancroft.

The sections were compelled to change positions several times. Retired about 4 p.m. one section relieving a section of Battery I 1st Ohio on Baltimore Street in covering the retreat. About 5 p.m. took position on Cemetery Hill.

July 2 Moved to rear of Cemetery facing Baltimore Pike. In action at the Cemetery from 4.30 p.m. until 7 p.m.

July 3 About 2 p.m. two sections were engaged in the Cemetery until the repulse o the Confederates.

Casualties: Killed 1 officer and 1 man, wounded 11 men, missing, 4 men.

Ammunition expended 1400 rounds.
31 horses killed.

Monument to the 4th United States Artillery, Battery G in the National Cemetery at Gettysburg

The monument in the National Cemetery

Location of the monuments to Battery G

The Barlow’s Knoll monument to the 4th United States Artillery, Battery G is north of Gettysburg on Howard Avenue. (39°50’43.9″N 77°13’34.1″W)

The second monument to Battery G is south of Gettysburg on the east side of the National Cemetery. (39°49’12.0″N 77°13’50.4″W)

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