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Seminary Ridge Avenue is named for the Lutheran Theological Seminary whose buildings still dominate the high ground on the west side of Gettysburg. The Avenue is on the west side of Gettysburg, and links Chambersburg Pike (US 30) with the intersection of Fairfield Road, West Middle Street and West Confederate Avenue on the south. It is part of the National Park Auto Tour.

Here on July 1st the Union First Army Corps fell back to its final line of defence. On July 2nd and 3rd it was the nerve center of the Confederate Army, hosting Lee’s Headquarters. On July 4th the Confederate 2nd Corps formed here to cover the withdrawal of Lee’s army.

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Seminary Ridge Avenue on the Gettysburg battlefield

Confederate headquarters
Lee’s Headquarters

Ewell’s 2nd Corps
Dance’s Artillery Battalion

Confederate artillery markers
3rd Richmond Howitzers
Powhatan Artillery

Union regimental and battery monuments
149th Pennsylvania

5th Maine Battery
95th New York

battlefield buildings
The Old Dorm