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The Peach Orchard was the exposed angle of Union General Daniel Sickles’ Third Corps line after his controversial advance on July 2nd. It stands on a small ridge about two-thirds of the way between Pitzer’s Woods and Cemetery Ridge.

Sickles felt that it dominated the ground he had been ordered to hold, but the extra ground he had to occupy as a result was far more than his corps could adequately cover. Longstreet’s attack in the afternoon resulted in desperate fighting for the area and Sickles’ position collapsed, resulting in near-disaster for the Union army.

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Tour map of the Peach Orchard on the Gettysburg battlefield

Confederate headquarters
Barksdale’s Brigade, McLaws’ Division, 1st Corps
Wofford’s Brigade, McLaws’ Division, 1st Corps

Union headquarters
3rd Corps
3rd Corps, 1st Division
3rd Corps, 2nd Division
3rd Corps Artillery

Union regimental and battery monuments
3rd Maine

3rd Michigan
New York Battery G
2nd New Hampshire
New Jersey Battery B
Pennsylvania Battery C
Pennsylvania Battery F
63rd Pennsylvania
68th Pennsylvania
141st Pennsylvania
Rhode Island Battery E

battlefield farms
Wentz Farm

battlefield terrain feature
Peach Orchard