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North Confederate Avenue is a continuation of Buford Avenue after it crosses Mummasburg Road. The Avenue is one way and must be entered from the west side. It continues north to below the summit of Oak Hill, the third highest point on the battlefield at a little over 640 feet above sea level. A large parking area is available, but can fill during busy periods. The Avenue then swings back south and turns into Doubleday Avenue south of Mummasburg Road.

On the first day of the battle Oak Hill was the staging area for attacks by a number of Confederate brigades from Rodes’ Division, and served as an artillery platform for a number of Confederate batteries.

On the 75th Anniversary of the battle in 1938 the Eternal Light Peace Memorial was dedicated. The original route of North Confederate Avenue was changed to accomodate the memorial and its grounds.


Second Corps
 • Rodes’ Division • Daniel’s Brigade • Iverson’s Brigade • O’Neal’s Brigade • Ramseur’s Brigade • Carter’s Artillery Battalion

Confederate artillery batteries
Hardaway Artillery • Jeff Davis Artillery • King William Artillery • Morris Artillery • Orange Artillery • Whitworth Guns

other monuments
Eternal Light Peace Memorial

Battlefield terrain features
Oak Hill Views