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Cemetery Hill was the keystone of the Union position at Gettysburg. The battered Union 1st and 11th Corps fell back and were rallied here by Generals Hancock and Howard at the end of the first day. There was hand to hand fighting with General Jubal Early’s Confederates as dusk fell on July 2. And artillery on its crest provided support for Union troops fighting on Culp’s Hill and defending against Pickett’s Charge.

Parking is limited on the busy Baltimore Pike, so many people make their visit to East Cemetery Hill part of a walking tour of the cemeteries or the shops on the south side of town.

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Tour map of East Cemetery Hill on the Gettysburg battlefield

Union headquarters
Army of the Potomac Itinerary

1st Corps Artillery
2nd Corps, 3rd Division, 1st Brigade
11th Corps, 2nd Division
Artillery Reserve, 2nd Volunteer Brigade
Howard 11th Corps Headquarters

monuments to individuals
Winfield S. Hancock

Oliver O. Howard

Union regimental and battery monuments
14th Indiana

New York Independent Battery L
5th New York Battery
134th New York
4th Ohio Infantry
1st Pennsylvania Artillery, Battery B
1st Pennsylvania Artillery, Batteries F&G
27th Pennsylvania
73rd Pennsylvania
106th Pennsylvania
4th United States Artillery, Battery B
7th West Virginia

other monuments
Women’s Memorial