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The giant, tumbled boulders below Little Round Top were known as the Devil’s Den long before the battle. But their evil reputation was confirmed when Robertson’s and Benning’s Confederate Brigades battled Union forces here on July 2nd.

Devil’s Den is not on the National Park Auto Tour, but can be reached by turning south from Wheatfield Road onto Crawford Avenue. The Auto Tour is then rejoined at Ayers Avenue. Some parking is available at the Devil’s Den, but the area’s popularity often results in crowds.

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Tour map of the Devil's Den on the Gettysburg battlefield

Benning’s Brigade, Hood’s Division, 1st Corps
 • Robertson’s Brigade, Hood’s Division, 1st Corps • 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 3rd Corps

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4th Maine
 • 6th New Jersey • 4th New York Battery • 40th New York • 86th New York • 124th New York • 99th Pennsylvania