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After Ayres Avenue turns away from the Wheatfield it loops onto Houck’s Ridge and then returns to the woods. At the intersection with Sickles Avenue it turns into Cross Avenue, eventually becoming Brooke Avenue and then DeTrobriand Avenue before returning to Sickles Avenue in the Wheatfield. Sickles Avenue runs one-way north and west from Devil’s Den to the Rose Woods. All traffic ends up back on Wheatfield Road.

The Auto Tour turns right from Ayres Avenue onto Sickles Avenue, but drivers may choose to continue straight on Cross Avenue and rejoin the Auto Tour after the short diversion.

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Tour map of the loop of Ayers Avenue on the Gettysburg battlefield

5th Corps, 2nd Division
 • 5th Corps, 2nd Division, 1st Brigade 5th Corps, 2nd Division, 2nd Brigade

regimental monuments
20th Indiana • 5th New Hampshire • 13th Pennsylvania Reserves • 2nd United States • 3rd United States • 4th United States • 6th United States • 7th United States • 10th United States • 11th United States •12th United States • 17th United States

monument to an individual
Colonel Charles Taylor