View from the south to the high point

From Hazlett’s Battery and the 91st Pennsylvania the ground drops steeply as you move south. Warren’s statue is now lost to view – an indication that men on the north end of Little Round Top’s summit could be somewhat insulated from the fighting a short distance away on its south side. The casualties confirm this. While the 140th New York on the south end of Weed’s line lost 133 casualties out of 526 men engaged (about 25%), the 91st Pennsylvania, the next regiment north, lost 19 casualties out of 258 men (about 7%). The 146th New York, whose position was just below Warren’s rock, lost 28 casualties out of 534 men (5%) and the 155th Pennsylvania, positioned to the north of Warren’s statue and the right flank unit of Weed’s Brigade, lost 19 casualties out of 424 men (4%).

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