The view to the north

Warren’s view north on the afternoon of July 2nd, 1863 would not have been reassuring. Today we can see the nearby monument to the 155th Pennsylvania. Above it in the far distance slightly to the left and above the trees is the white dome of the State of Pennsylvania Monument. Just above it are the trees of Ziegler’s Grove.

From the site of the Pennsylvania Monument to Ziegler’s Grove Warren would have seen the massed divisions of Hancock’s Second Corps, probably with Caldwell’s First Division marching toward the left side of the photo to their date with destiny in the Wheatfield. But from the site of the Pennsylvania Monument to this point there was no Union line. Sickles’ Third Corps had moved forward (to the left) to what Sickles thought was a better position, leaving a great empty space north of Little Round Top. This would be a Confederate target, and the scene of heavy fighting in the late afternoon of July 2nd and again on July 3rd when Pickett’s Charge swept across the field from left to right.

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