The Signal Corps on Little Round Top

Taking one of the paved trails from the parking area leads past this monument to the United States Signal Corps. The first Union troops posted to Little Round Top during the Battle of Gettysburg were a small detachment of the Signal Corps under Lieutenant Aaron B. Jerome and Captain James S. Hall. These were one of several such detachments on the Gettysburg battlefield, armed with large wig-wag flags and a telescope, their duty to observe and report troop movements and pass on messages. It was this small detatchment whose wig-wagging flags were visible to Longstreet two miles away on Black Horse Tavern Road which caused the Confederate approach march for the attack on July 2nd to be detoured and delayed, probably with decisive results.

This photo looks west past the Signal Corps monument to the monument to Brigadier General Gouverneur Warren, who is looking out over Houck’s Ridge and the Devil’s Den. The white house in the distance is the Slyder House, over half a mile away, on the attack route of the Confederates of Hood’s Division.

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