The Armies at Gettysburg > The Army of the Potomac > 11th Corps

3rd Division (monument)
Major General Carl Schurz (^ July 1)
Brigadier General Alexander Schimmelfennig
strength: 3,110 men
casualties: 130 killed, 685 wounded, 660 missing, 1,475 total


1st Brigade (monument)
Brigadier General Alexander Schimmelfennig
strength: 1,680 men
casualties: 60 killed, 300 wounded, 450 missing, 810 total

82nd Illinois Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Frederick Hecker

45th New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel George Amsberg (^ July 1)
Lieutenant Colonel Adolphus Dobke

157th New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Philip P. Brown, Jr.

61st Ohio Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Stephen J. McGroarty

74th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Adolph von Hartung (wounded July 1)/
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander von Mitzel

2nd Brigade (monument)
Colonel Wladimir Krzyzanowski
strength: 1,420 men
casualties: 75 killed, 390 wounded, 205 missing, 670 total

58th New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel August Otto (^ division Chief of Staff July 1)
Captain Emil Koenig

119th New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel John T. Lockman (wounded July 1)
Lieutenant Colonel Edward F. Lloyd

82nd Ohio Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel James S. Robinson (wounded July 1)
Lieutenant Colonel David Thomson

75th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Ffrancis Mahler (mortally wounded July 1)
Major August Ledig

26th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Hans Boebel (wounded July 1)
Captain John W. Fuchs