The Armies at Gettysburg > The Army of the Potomac > 11th Corps

2nd Division (monument)
Major General Adolph Von Steinwehr
strength: 2,860 men
casualties: 105 killed, 505 wounded, 330 missing, 940 total

1st Brigade (monument)
Colonel Charles R. Coster
strength: 1,215 men
casualties: 55 killed, 230 wounded, 310 missing, 595 total

134th New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Allen H. Jackson

154th New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Daniel B. Allen

27th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Lorenz Cantador

73rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (monument)
Captain Daniel F. Kelley

2nd Brigade (monument)
Colonel Orland Smith
strength: 1,640 men
casualties: 50 killed, 280 wounded, 20 missing, 350 total

33rd Massachusetts Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Adin B. Underwood

136th New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel James Wood, Jr.

55th Ohio Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Charles B, Gambee

73rd Ohio Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Richard Long