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The monument to the 74th Pennsylvania is north of Gettysburg on West Howard Avenue. (39.840974 N, 77.23437 W; Google map; Tour map: Howard Avenue West)

Monument to the 74th Pennsylvania Infantry at Gettysburg

Flank markers in the National Cemetery also show the regiment’s location on Cemetery Hill on the second and third days of the battle, although there is no monument at the Cemetery.

The granite monument stands just over seven and a half feet high, and represents the regiment’s fallen color bearer. The monument was dedicated on July 2nd, 1888.

The monument was badly damaged in the fall of 2003 when it was struck by an automobile, but has been restored.

 The 74th Pennsylvania at Gettysburg

The 74th Pennsylvania regiment was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Colonel Adolph Von Hartung, a former Prussian Army officer. He was wounded in the leg on July 1, and Lieutenant Colonel Theobald Von Mitzel took command until he was captured in the the retreat through town. Command of the regiment then fell to Captain Henry Krauseneck. In January of 1864 Krauseneck was brought up on charges of cowardice for his conduct at Gettysburg; he was found guilty and allowed to resign.

11th Corps Headquarters Flag 11C-3D

From the monument:

74th Penna. Infantry
German Regiment
1st Brig. 3rd Div. 11th Corps

July 1st fought here from 2 p.m. until the Corps fell back. July 2nd and 3rd in line with Division in front of Cemetery.

Recruited at Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.
Musterered in September 14, 1861.
Re-enlisted January 1864.
Mustered out August 29, 1865.

Present at Gettysburg 381.
Killed Officers 2 men 8
Wounded Officers 4 men 36
Captured or missing Officers 2 men 58
Total Officers 8 men 102

Right flank marker for the 74th Pennsylvania on Cemetery Hill at Gettysburg

Right flank marker for the regiment on Cemetery Hill

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