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“Second Buffalo”

The monument to the 49th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment is southeast of Gettysburg on Neil Avenue, known as “Lost Lane” because of its inaccessibility. (39.807784° N, 77.211268°W; Google map) There is also a monument to the 49th New York on the Spotsylvania battlefield.

Monument to the 49th New York Infantry at Gettysburg

The photo looks north from Neill Avenue into the woods that were the rear of the Confederate lines around Culp’s Hill. Neill’s Brigade advanced from Baltimore Pike to this point on July 3rd to push back Confederate skirmishers who were threatening the Union line of supply and communication. The stone wall dates to the battle.

About the monument to the 49th New York

The granite monument stands 10′ 6″ high. On its front is a relief of crossed rifles set over a victory wreath. The Greek Cross symbol of the Sixth Corps is in relief above the rifles; below a circular bronze Seal of the State of New York is set into the front of the monument’s base. The monument was dedicated by the State of New York on July 2nd, 1893.

The 49th New York at the Battle of Gettysburg

The 49th New York was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Colonel Daniel D. Bidwell, an attorney from Buffalo. It brought 414 men to the field, losing 2 wounded.

Neill’s Brigade of the Sixth Corps was one of the last to reach the battlefield on July 2nd and was held in reserve on the Baltimore Pike at Rock Creek. On July 3rd the brigade deployed to the north of the Pike on the east side of Rock Creek to push back Confederate skirmshers that were threatening the army’s main supply and communcations route. It advanced to the location of the monuments, taking light casualties.

There is also a monument to the 49th New York at the Muleshoe on the Spotsylvania battlefield.

6th Corps Headquarters Flag 6C-2D

From the front of the monument:

49th N.Y. Inf’y

3d Brig 2d Div 6th Corps

From the rear:

Held this position July 3d 1863.

Mustered in Aug. 26th 1861.

Engaged in 30 battles

Mustered out June 27th 1865.

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